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In his own experience of learning from early on, for example, his community of French-speaking students (from the “groupe d’étude des langues étrangères”), he recalls how the pedagogic approach has a lasting impact: “It is not by chance that I took a course in linguistics in my master’s degree. As a youngster, when I taught in a French-speaking school, I experienced the power of this discipline. After teaching for two decades, I cannot underestimate its impact on my pedagogic projects.” Julien Peissier acknowledges that the specialization of education has a strong impact on the specialized environment of universities. The common idea is to “dedicate the graduate to a profession”. Moreover, what is taught in school and what is learned in college are no longer the same. Even if they both refer to the “field of knowledge”, the Master’s degree (or any other professional training) is centered on the “knowledge”. The diploma that certifies a specialist is seen as a tool to promote the career of the trainee. The case of Japan Japan is a good example of how pedagogy is used in the context of the production of knowledge. The master’s degree in “Japanese culture and society” has long been an important topic in Japanese pedagogy. By looking at the different fields of expertise relating to Japanese culture, it is possible to detect a specific set of pedagogic practices. The teaching of Japanese culture, like that of other countries, focuses on the “state of the art” in the field of knowledge. It is about the “how” and “what”, or about the “content”, “issue”, “challenge”, “requirement”, “value”, “problem”, “responsibility”, “method”, “process” and “fact”. This pedagogic approach stems from Japanese culture. It is based on Japanese customs and can be traced back to the “jiritsu” or “Japanese learning”, which is still present in the educational approach of Japan. This learning is a way to understand the world, a way to “decipher” it, in the words



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Renault Dialogys 4.6 Multilingual.torrent 2022

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