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We are a family owned business that values great, fresh roasted coffee and warm friendly service here in the great state of Texas. 

Our family moved from the Northwest to Comal County in 2010 on a temporary work assignment. When that assignment was complete, it was too late, we had fallen head over heels in love with our new home in New Braunfels, Texas and decided to stay put! The only thing missing was our beloved coffee stands that had our fresh coffee made to order by our very experienced and friendly baristas.


We searched high and low, and found many wonderful coffee shops that catered to folks that wanted to go inside and drink a lovely cup of java or tea, but really did not meet the needs of busy patrons on the go. Commuters were having to stop at gas stations to get their morning savory liquid! Well, that was just not going to work by our standards. 

The Winslow’s went on a mission to find the best local roaster who would roast to order to ensure that the coffee would never go bad, mugs stale or burnt! We spent years developing our process and procedure by working very closely with our mentors and baristas in both Texas and Washington. We performed taste tests, shipping tests, eating and sampling tests to absolutely be able to make the promises we live by in our core values that we offer to our staff and customers, which we view as one in the same.


In 2015 we then formed our business and opened our online store while we pursued the perfect lot for our first location. Our hometown of New Braunfels was the easy choice for our first stand so that we could monitor it closely. This has been an amazing collaboration of a Wicked Team that includes our community, customers, family, roasters, marketers, employees and friends. We are so blessed to have you all!


Wicked Voodoo Espresso was created with a cauldron of love and a whole lot of magic! Enjoy….

With Brewtitude,

Kenny (aka Ken Nay), Momma Winslow, Nazy, Kristina (aka Nina), Skyler (aka Sky Man), and Kaden (aka Tader) 

Laurel "Momma" & Kenny Winslow
Laurel and Kenny Winslow

Momma Winslow has a very diversified background as an entrepreneur, corporation supplier manager, and horticulture.  It is with this rounded experience that she helped WVE truly believe we could create a minimal carbon footprint, provide a fair trade/non GMO high quality product, and create an company that values and takes care of its employees. She also puts up a wicked crawfish boil...just sayin'.


Kenny currently works at Samsung in Austin, but also serves WVE in numerous roles.  he is  the official recipe taste tester for our menu items and is an important visionary to our growing company. His official role in the company is COO which we like to add an L at the end and just call him Mr. Cool. 

Renee "Nazy" Folker
Renee Folker

Renee was born and raised in Washington State but fell in love with Texas and moved in 2014. She is a mother to 3 beautiful children. Her family and personal relationships mean everything. You'll find Renee to be upbeat and positive almost always! Her dedication and bubbly attitude spills over into her work which results in many customers and vendors becoming an extension of her friends and family circle. Renee is a shareholder as well as manager at Wicked Voodoo Espresso. She creates wicked potions, manages, trains new blood, shows the world our voodoo ways (aka marketing), and very involved in new site setups. If you are any sort of regular at any of our stands, chances are, you will see her. She's passionate about our business, coffee, and above all, Fanatical Customer Service!

Skyler "Sky Man" White
Skyler White

Skyler is a father and family man first and foremost. He love's to stay active! You will never find him without a task or project. Skyler has a mechanical mind and a green thumb and can fix just about anything with a motor, working in his yard, gardening, or landscaping. Since childhood, he's been a go getter with an entrepreneurial spirit. He started his first business when he was 18 as an auto mechanic. Being the mechanically minded man in this family landed him the role in Wicked Voodoo Espresso. Skyler is a shareholder, but also the product and equipment manager as well as the hands on machine maintenance guy. You will see him around from time to time installing, cleaning, and checking on equipment in the stands.

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