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Discovering the Best Coffee in New Braunfels & Canyon Lake: Your Guide to the Best Brews in Town

What are you looking for in a great cup of coffee? Its interesting that a shop can herald the best, but is it? Is it really? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in coffee terms the tastebuds of the guests!

Ok, here it is, if you're looking for just a place to run to grab a joe, Dunkin and McDonalds has a quick serve sweet or unsweet that will give you the caffeine fix that you're looking for. But if you're looking for a shop that does it great with coffee, here some things you may want to consider:

  • Are you looking for Specialty coffee? What this means is that the coffee has been graded by certified bean graders that look at many variables about the coffee bean before it is roasted (such as size, how it was dried, how it was grown, how it was sorted and does it have non coffee debris in it.) Now comes the roasting of that bean! When roasted, what flavors come out, what was the clarity when brewed, what was the aroma, what part of the flavor wheel did that coffee hit when slurped over the tongue?

  • Are you looking for ethically sourced? This means that the roaster took the time to do the research on the farms. They chose high graded coffee (this ensures a better price for the farmer) and has done the research to ensure that a fair wage is being paid to the employees on that farm. The majority of the hands picking those beans and processing them are women and their children. Did you know that when a woman spends her money, 90% is returned back to their immediate communities for food, clothing, housing and education for their children. Ethically sourced coffees keeps a large share of wages in their communities and enrich and bless their neighbors.

  • Are you looking for a qualified Barista who knows how to make a cappuccino, pull a perfect 29 second shot, or can tell by looking at the shot that it is absolutely perfect? Does it matter to you that that barista shares the same passion for coffee as you do? Or that they are also paid a fair wage and also are contributing back into their communities?

  • Is it important to you to support a Woman Owned Family Run Business in Canyon Lake and New Braunfels? Is it cool to you that on any given day, you may see Pappa Kenny delivering the beans that he freshly roasted or Momma Laurel running a drink out to your car, Son in Law Tristan delivering fresh roasted coffee to our local stores and restaurants or Uncle Danny in fixing an espresso machine that is needing a new gasket?

  • Are you looking for a coffee house with a mission? A mission to change the world one bean at a time, one cup at a time, one life at a time? Does it matter if they support local Crisis Centers or schooling for children in Central America or gathering gifts for the Children of SJRC, and our local schools?

New Braunfels has some great coffee establishments here in our sweet community, but who checks all these boxes that are important to you?

Come see us at Wicked Voodoo Espresso, we will tell you who we are, and you WILL taste the difference....we promise

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