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Exploring Whole Bean Coffee Varieties with New Braunfels Certified Speciality Coffee Roaster, Laurel & Ken Winslow

Coffee is a popular beverage that has a variety of flavors. It is brewed from ground coffee beans, picked and dried before making them into roasted coffee. At this point, they are broken down into many different types of whole bean coffees available at stores like Wicked Voodoo Espresso

In general, there are three main types:

Single-origin coffee is the more expensive single bean coffee. Single origins such as Sumatra and Brazil are usually high-quality beans that make up the majority of the blend. These coffees are also known as premium coffees because they cost more than other whole bean coffees. 

Then you have coffee blends. The two most common blends are single-origin and light-roast blends. When producing a light-roast blend, beans from different origins are blended together. 

Coffee blends have different flavor notes coming from one type of beans, such as leather or fruity flavors. The end result is a medium-light roast coffee that does not have any strong notes from one bean. Light roast blends often use Ethiopian beans that produce a brighter and brighter flavor profile in the cup. This is due to the fact that Ethiopia produces coffees with high levels of natural caffeine content.

Roasted coffee beans are ground immediately before brewing. The grind is classified in several ways, two of which were discussed above: by size and by consistency. In general, most people brew coffees with a medium-coarse grind, and there are three main consistency types:

All three of these methods are made for different brewing systems, and some require certain brewing systems to work well. For example, espresso requires a very fine grind because excess water will not pass through the paper filter during the extraction process. You can order these types of coffee beans from an express coffee company.

Types of coffee beans

Let us look at some well-known types of coffee beans available. This will help you easily order the Best Fresh Roasted Coffee Online.

1 - Arabica

The Arabica coffee plant is the most popular coffee plant variety. The species is native to Ethiopia, but today it's grown in different countries around the world. Arabica coffee provides the highest natural caffeine content in coffee as well as having the highest quality flavors and aromas. 

2 - Robusta

The Robusta coffee plant has been grown in the Congo region of Africa since the late 19th century. Its characteristically full-bodied flavor is used frequently in commercial blends. Compared to Arabica beans, the Robusta has almost double the caffeine content.  

3 - Hybrid (includes Robusta and Arabica)

Hybrid coffees are considered a compromise between the two other species of coffee. They're a mix of high-quality Arabica, Robusta and other bean types, which results in a more balanced flavor profile. Many coffee shops in New Braunfels will have this type of hybrid blend.

4 - Liberica Coffee Beans

Liberica coffee beans are indigenous to the island of Hispaniola, or what is now known as Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

To sign off

Now you know a lot of the various types of coffee beans. You can now go ahead and order whole bean coffee and ground online from Wicked Voodoo Espresso.

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